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Georgia Bicycle Accidents

A cyclist is involved in an accident with an automobile. She is injured, bleeding and dazed. She finds herself being questioned by the driver of the automobile and a police officer eventually arrives and begins to question her as to what happened. She finds herself on the receiving end of outrageous medical bills, days and weeks missed at work, an insurance company who is demanding her statement and threatening to deny liability. She needs an attorney who understands bicycle accident cases. She needs a firm that handles Georgia Bicycle Accidents. Parsons Law Firm can help her get the compensation she deserves. We will fight for her while she gets better. Does this sound like something you have experienced? Contact us today to discuss your case.


Personal Injury law is a special area of law that requires an attorney with special skills and knowledge. Aggression is not the only trait that matters. Discretion, courtesy and a fine work product are among a few of the quality traits found in practice at Parsons Law Firm. It is the combination of these special skills that results in such favorable outcomes for accident victims and those who are injured. Call Parsons Law Firm, your Georgia Bicycle Accidents law firm.